Vision at work

Presbyopia and screen work

Before the age of forty, the flexibility of the crystalline lens manages to maintain on the retina, the image of an object that moves from far away to the reading distance. And the eye sees clearly at all distances. Read More

Comfort and efficiency at the office

In her report "Occupational Health: Towards a Simplified System for Enhanced Prevention", commissioned by the Prime Minister and published in August 2018, Charlotte Lecocq (LREM North Deputy) puts prevention at the heart of business performance. The conclusion of the report is to further improve this prevention on a daily... Read More

A good vision for a safer driving

We have been hearing more and more about "blue light" in the media for several years now. Many articles have been published about the negative effects of this light, particularly on our health and sleep. But do you really know what it is? Read More
Businessman behind the wheel wearing glasses for driving Essilor Pro-Drive

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